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The Lupak are one of the many species part of the Shi'ar Imperium, and are known especially for their Imperial Guards, the Fang, cloned every time they died.[1][2] Able to wield phenomenal, cosmic power; Fang once described his people to be like unto gods. Given that they are next to unkillable even without their hard copied forms.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength: The Lupak possesses incredible sinuous might, the limits of their strength being unknown as it varies from individual and Guardsmen. While only a few shown examples possess enough raw might to lift about a ton of weight; Fang of the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard possesses enough physical dynamism to rival that of his leader and emperor; Gladiator.

Superhuman Speed: Lupak are insurmountably swift. Able to outpace the likes of enhanced humans and baseline finest physical human specimens with relative ease. Easily able to move from subsonic speeds within planetary atmosphere to reaching escape velocities whilst entering space travel. Fang having easily blitzed through the Wolverines and Paradise group respectively.

Superhuman Stamina: The musculature of a Lupak is much more efficient than that of a human, producing less fatigue toxins while active so as too keep pushing themselves beyond their staying limit in order to keep active for several hours at a time on end.

Superhuman Durability: While a Lupak's bodily tissues are tougher, more resilient and more resistant to various forms of injury than those of a human. Being able to withstand heavy impact and blunt force trauma to a much greater degree than most species; such as falling from great heights and making planetary reentry while in flight. They are far from completely impervious, Fang having been injured by weapons composed of conventional Earth materials many time in the past.

Superhuman Agility: The typical Lupak possess balance, limberness, dexterity of anatomy and physiology far removed from the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Immortal Cloning: All among the Lupak race are asexual reproductions begotten through advanced cloning technology. Their essence, the core anatomical organ which retains his or her core self is held in an higher dimension far removed from current reality which their physical bodies occupy. In the event the flesh of said phantom gland is ever fatally compromised; the homeworld can create a new corporeal vessel for it, granting them expedient reincarnation.

Superhuman Reflexes: Lupak all possess similarly enhanced reactions which are superior to those of most other sapient species.

Claws & Fangs: All of the Lupak possess feral features similar to certain animalistic mutants and/or inhumans form Earth. Having pronounced fangs and one 3-4 inch finger/toe nail at the end of each individual digit of their hands & feet. Such natural faculties, combined with a Lupak's greater physical ability, enables them to rip through most conventional materials imaginable. Rock, wood, flesh & bone, certain metals, etc.

There are presently additional abilities in the Lupak race that've not been seen before in prior presentations of the Fang Guards.

Regenerative Healing Factor: The Lupak race boast an ill-gauged yet potent recuperative capacity, easily able to heal and/or mend lacerations, punctures, stabbing wounds and even heavy concussion blasts by air worthy transports.[3]

Flight: Via an as of yet unexplained means a Lupak is capable of self-propelled flight through the deepest regions of space without aid of an aviation apparatus or oxygenation supply. Able to travel across lightyears of space in order to pass between interplanetary to intergalactic distances a high speeds with relative ease. Being able to match the flight velocity of the most advanced galaxy traversal space vessels ever designed.[4]

Cosmokinesis: One of the more godlike aspects of the Lupak is their natural ability to harness and channel majorly dynamic forces equivalent to the Power Cosmic wielded by Galactus and his heralds.[3] Fang of the Shi'Ar superguardians was able to commandeer cosmic forces to achieve vast, if not outright impossible feats as a superpowered being. Able to discharge hand blasts and AoE cosmic energy discharges that could knock back a bevy of super humans in an instant. Manipulate energy-matter in order to restore Daken's missing arm and left eye and heal a Frost Giant's body from a host of grievous injuries inflicted by the former.[5] Going so far as to just as easily rescind the constructs of Akihiro's limbs with a snap of his fingers.

Locality Tracking: Lupak are capable of finding anything or anyone across interstellar distances no matter where they may be hiding. Something that the Imperial Guardsmen Fang showcased with finesse in tracking down the Wolverines each time he teleported to Earth and back.

Teleportation: Lupaks are able to teleport most anywhere from across the universe and even in between dimensions.

  • Remote Teleportation: Fang was able to use his warping abilities to snatch Ogun from Deathstrike even from a good distance away. Even indicating, as well as showing, that he could send him back to Earth by his lonesome by design if the guardsmen wished.

Reliant Immortality: Fang digresses that the Lupak are kept alive via an extradimensional gland that gravitates close to the body from an alternate universe. So long as it exists, the Lupak race can be brought back to life with their core persona's intact when they're cloned into a new body.

Psionic Interaction: Lupak seemingly possess some underlying psychic or astral talent that enables them to interact with wayward minds as well as souls. Fang having used these abilities to suppress the malignant possessing entity known as Ogun while attempting to possess the mysterious operative called Sharp.


An odd extra organ not technically apart of the Lupak's body. It sits in a realm just outside of mainstream reality and is inaccessible by normal means.[3] If it were somehow made tangible in the primary universe it renders the normally immortal aliens vulnerable to specific weaponry designed to damage the ethereal vital element of their physiology.[6] The Lupak's formless vital gland which carries their soul can be brought into visible substance using specialized technology that can bring it into real space and/or discharge across realities in order to damage it.[7]


Level of Technology

Highly Advanced, possessing cloning technology, dimensional scrying apparatuses and the like.


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