Captain Luther Cragg spent years in the Orient learning and training in the martial arts of karate and judo until he had achieved a black belt in both. Cragg then returned to the Western United States to seek his fortune. He eventually wound up in a little town on the western frontier where he was beaten in a game of poker by a professional gambler who turned out to be the Rawhide Kid's long lost brother, Frank Clay. Calling Frank a cheat, Cragg was about to beat the man with his superior fighting skills when the Rawhide Kid intervened, unwilling to sit by and watch his brother be attacked. The overconfident Cragg had never lost a fight and did not believe the smaller Kid to stand a chance, but quickly learned his mistake and was knocked unconscious by the Kid.

Some time later Cragg single handedly defeated the three member crew of the riverboat "Sequoia Star" and replaced them with his own crew of criminals from his gang. Cragg took command of the riverboat to serve as his mobile base of operations while he plundered towns along the riverbanks. The owlhoots were able to rob the towns and then escape the chasing posses by quickly boarding the boat and continuing up the river. As part of projecting a legitimate business front, Cragg employed Gabbo, a famous ventriloquist from back east whose "dummy" was actually a midget named Hugo who wore a wooden mask, to entertain his unsuspecting audiences in performance of his act. Gabbo, however, played another role in Cragg's operation, as he would send Hugo to rob the guests' rooms while they slept, taking advantage of Hugo's size to slip in and out unnoticed.

Cragg would augment the size of his gang by having his men bust owlhoots out of jail in exchange for their services. The men busted out the Rawhide Kid who had been framed for a botched bank robbery the day before believing him to be an outlaw just like them. They took the Kid to the Sequoia Star to meet the boss, but Cragg was infuriated when he saw the Kid, the only man to have ever beaten him in a fight. The Rawhide Kid was in the midst of defeating Cragg and his men when he was attacked from behind by Gabbo and put in the brigg with the real crew of the boat. The Kid and the crew were soon able to escape, however, and the Kid again faced Cragg and his men in a showdown. The Kid was able to once again defeat Cragg with the help of Hugo who turned against his former boss. Cragg was then arrested and sent to jail. His subsequent activities are unknown.




Luther Cragg is a blackbelt in both karate and judo, making him one of the best hand-to-hand combatants of the Old West, though he was still no match for the Rawhide Kid. Cragg's hands were extremly calloused allowing him to break through tables, boards and planks with a single blow.


Formerly the riverboat Sequoia Star

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