Colonel Luther Manning was a soldier transformed against his will into a physical duplicate of the original Deathlok cyborg (who had actually been a version of Manning from an alternate world) by the mysterious Timestream. Manning was recruited by Timestream to manipulate history supposedly for the greater good by interfering with the past of the original Deathlok, but Michael Collins, the second Deathlok, eventually made Manning see that he had been manipulated into helping Timestream destroy history and endanger his own family. Manning, unable to cope with the realization or to resist Timestream's control, blew his own brains out rather than risk being responsible for such a catastrophe. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetary.

While the transformed Manning physically resembled the original Deathlok, his body did not function in the same way. The changes in him seemed to be more cosmetic than anything else.

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