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Luxur was the capital of Stygia in the Southern Kingdoms of Hyboria.[3]


Hundreds of years before Conan, the King of Luxur defied the God and extinguished the sacred fire of Set. For the sins he committed, he was later slain by an angry mob led by nobleman Kha Semblor. After his vengeful sister, Nitocris, ascended to the throne, she lured everyone who participated in her brother's slaying into a magnificent temple of Set, where she buried them alive and drowned them with the black waters of the River Styx. She then returned to her palace and committed suicide by suffocation.

Centuries after, the ruler Ctesphon III was hurled into a deathlike state by his two magicians, Stornella and Valxavier. They returned to the abandoned temple of Set to revive her with a couple of magical artifacts, the Tear of Nitocris and the Crystal Conclave, followed by Conan, who was trying to rescue a girl named Rosina, whom they kidnapped. As the crystal miniatures eventually came alive, killing anyone in sight, only Conan and Rosina barely escaped death. The Cimmerian, then left the girl while she was trying to put her shattered figurines back together.[4]


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