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This character's story merges those of two beings known Lycaon, seemingly confused one with another.

Origins and early years

Lycaon was the son of Priam, king of Troy, but not from Hecuba, like many sons of Priam, including Hector.[3]

He was the king of Lycia, and sired a son, Pandarus,[1][4]

Trojan War

Pandarus went to fight for the Trojans during the Trojan War.[1][5]

Lycaon himself met Achilles during his killing spree following Patroclus' death at the hands of Hector. Fleeing in River Scamander like other Trojan warriors and allies, he asked Achilles to capture him for a ransom, but Achilles preferred to slay him and threw his corpse in the river.[3]

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