Lydia Nance grew up in a poor household in Long Island, and was physically abused by her mutant father.[1] As a an adult, Nance became the director of the Heritage Initiative, an anti-mutant organization. She was interviewed on television by the Fact Channel, where she expressed her views of mutants as beings of mass destruction and dismissed the prejudice they suffered.[2]

In an attempt to further damage the reputation of mutantkind, Nance paid the mutant hypnotist Mesmero to assemble a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and commit terrorist acts.[3] Firstly, the Brotherhood attacked the United Nations Headquarters,[2] and then kidnapped the mayor of New York and held him hostage.[4] The latter mission was intended to lure the X-Men to a trap to kill them in an explosion. Not only did the Nance's plan fail, but also when the X-Men were fighting the Brotherhood, Prestige discovered about Mesmero's involvement with Nance. The X-Men confronted Nance, and intimidated her in light of being unable to properly accuse her due to having no admissible proof.[3]

After working with Mesmero on a plan to incarcerate the X-Men by making them attack police officers under the belief they were villains,[5] Nance was approached by the advanced Sentinel Alpha with a plan to destroy mutantkind.[6] She provided him with a Heritage Initiative facility in the Savage Land, where Alpha developed a lethal smart virus capable of targeting mutants derived from the remnants of the Legacy Virus in the body of Colossus,[7] whom Alpha kidnapped to this end.[8] The X-Men tracked down Colossus to the Savage Land base,[7] and Nance was knocked out cold by Kitty Pryde.[9] She was later held at the Triskelion on the charge of attempted genocide since her and Alpha's plan was eventually thwarted.[10]

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