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A member of the Skrull race, Lyja was sent to infiltrate the Fantastic Four by posing as Alicia Masters. She was able to succeed in this ploy for some time but found herself in love with the Human Torch, even marrying him in her Masters identity. When Johnny found out, he rejected her and the two were separated for a time.[citation needed]

Eventually, the two found one another again and got married. Lyja became a member of the FF under the identity Ms Fantastic.[citation needed]



Lyja (Earth-982) and Bullet (Earth-982) from Fantastic Five Vol 1 2 0001.jpg

Lyja is an experienced shape changer, able to turn into animals, a dragon with multiple heads and a humanoid monster. She can partially shift arms and legs into tentacles, wings and blades. Lyja has elasticity and impersonation.


Lyja is a trained Skrull officer and an experienced explorer.

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