Lyla DeCriscio was the daughter of the head of the Chinatown Triads. When she was two months old, her parents were murdered by the Italian Mafia, and Lyla was entrusted to their murderer, a prolific hitman named Daniel DeCriscio. Lyla was raised in a cruel way; Daniel made her fight on the streets for her own food, and never gave her anything. Everything Lyla had was taken from somebody else, even by force if necessary. While Daniel never abused her physically, he didn't allow her to sleep or eat until she trained. She quickly moved from training using punching bags to vagrants and drug addicts, and learned to kill before hitting puberty. By the time she was twenty years old, Lyla had killed almost a hundred people, and worked together with Daniel.

When she was old enough, Lyla killed Daniel in revenge. After being allowed reluctantly to join the ranks of capos, she killed all of them one by one. Lyla continued operating in secret and allegedly became the most powerful rising mob boss since Wilson Fisk. She eventually gained entrance to the selective underground Société des Sadiques. The Société's biannual feast for new inductees was interrupted when Moon Knight revealed himself to have infiltrated the inner circle to hunt down the cult's leader Ernst.[1] Moon Knight and the other inductees took part in four individual trials before fighting each other. For the fifth trial, Moon Knight brutally and effortlessly beat down the other contestants, including Lyla.[2]

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