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Early Life[]

Lylla was an otter used by a group of alien humanoids as a therapy animal in the Halfworld Asylum for the Criminally Insane.[1] When the humanoids' funding was cut, they left back to their home planet, but not before building robot stewards to provide for the mentally ill. When a nearby star went nova, its radiation gave sentience to the robots, who quickly chafed at the illogical directives of the humanoids. Seeking to end their servitude, the robots used genetic engineering to give intelligence and awareness to the animals that had been left as companions for the patients.[4] The robots experimented on Lylla to give her intelligence through painful and traumatic surgery, similarly to how the Kree made the Inhumans.[5] The upgraded, sentient animals were charged with the patients' care and protection. Lylla became a nurse and grew close to the chief of security, Rocket, along with the second in command Blackjack O'Hare, head of psychology Doctor Dyvyne, and Judson Jakes.[1] On Rocket's first birthday, Lylla gifted him his official uniform.[6] Eventually, they started dating.[2]

One day, a patient named Barry Bauman was admitted. A villain known as the Star-Thief, his body had been killed by Warlock, but his mind had survived, jumping from one body to the next. Taken to Halfworld, Bauman withstood all therapy; possessing guards and inmates alike, he caused riots and disruption, the first security breach in 30 years. To prevent him from getting out and infecting the entire galaxy, Rocket used the bio-organic nature of Halfworld to turn it into a lock which could only be opened if all the wardens were present. For his plan to work, Rocket left the planet after using immersion therapy to wipe his mind so he would never be tempted to return.[1]

Events of uncertain factuality[]

While it is certain Lylla participated in many events of Rocket's life, we only have his altered, and unreliable, memories as a record. Therefore, we can't know how much of them is accurate. In Rocket's fairy-tale recollection of events, Lylla was the heiress to the largest toymaking empire in Halfworld, Mayhem Mekaniks, for which she was called a princess.[2] On Rocket's first birthday Lylla, her uncle Wal Rus and the tortoise Pyko threw him a party, and Lylla and Wal Rus gifted Rocket his work uniform. Later, Blackjack stole their cake to eat it with Dyvyne and Jakes, but, as his first mission, Rocket brought the cake back to Lylla and Wal Rus.[6]

Another memory from years later tells us after Rocket bought his first ship, Lylla named it the Rakk 'n' Ruin. Shortly after, Lylla was in Cuckoo's Nest, the holding place for the Gideon Bible, the starship log which chronicled how the humanoids built Halfworld. The place was raided by Blackjack and his Black Bunny Brigade, who stole the Bible and kidnapped Lylla under Judson Jakes' orders. Lylla was taken to the Spacewheel, Jake's ship resting in the middle of the Keystone Quadrant. When Rocket came to her rescue, Blackjack pointed a gun to Lylla's head to make him step out, but Lylla was rescued by the visiting Earther called The Hulk, who quickly teleported back home. Lylla saved Rocket's life by warning him of the impending attack of a Drakillar, and afterwards they were able to retrieve the Bible and go back home.[7]

Later, Jakes secretly murdered Lylla's parents and made himself her legal guardian, although he couldn't obtain full rights to the business. A certain afternoon before she had come of age, Lylla was invited by Rocket and Wal Rus to swim at a river, but when they got there Rocket busied himself trying to understand the Gideon Bible. Upset, Lylla undressed in front of him and convinced him to join her in the water, where they cuddled. Lylla asked her uncle if he would join them, but Wal Rus said it would be inappropriate. Unfortunately, the moment was interrupted by the news that Dyvyne's toysmith had been murdered, so Rocket had to go do his job. Later, Lylla went to Cuckoo's Nest, where she watched Halfworld's lunatic patients prepare a masquerade for therapeutic purposes, when she spotted Pyko stealing the Gideon Bible again. However, she was distracted by the commencement of the ceremony before she could recognise him. When the ceremony was interrupted by one of Jakes' killer robots (which were mere guards outside of Rocket's warped memories), Lylla realised Jakes was up to something again. With no time to warn Rocket, she decided to deal with it herself, but was kidnapped by Blackjack. Lylla was taken to Dyvyne, who intended to marry her for her fortune, and she begged Rocket, her soulmate, for help.[2]

Seeing Rocket's zeal for rescuing Lylla, Blackjack decided that since he was taking all the risks, he'd marry her. Lylla swore she'd never marry him, calling him a horrid hare. Blackjack and his Brigade moved Lylla to Asylum, the most sacred shine for the insane patients of the planet. Wal Rus arrived to the place first, undoing Lylla's bounds and allowing her to knock out one of the Black Bunnies. When Blackjack attempted to regain control, they were interrupted by Jakes' clowns. Realizing they had a common enemy, Lylla convinced Blackjack to join them.[8]

After leaving in the Rakk 'n' Ruin, they were besieged by firepower from every direction. Lylla found Blackjack's whining annoying, so after she asked Wal Rus if they could get rid of the bunny, he suggested tossing her out of the ship, since she was Jakes' goal. Rocket promptly shut down the suggestion, and they hid in a crater, abandoning the Rakk 'n' Ruin as it was destroyed. From there, Lylla and the rest rode some Wild Worms to a cantina on the robot side of the planet. Lylla spotted Pyko sitting in the shadows, and the tortoise revealed he'd translated the Gideon Bible and that all the Halfworld animals were originally pets. Before Lylla could react, Blackjack attempted to kidnap her again to get on Dyvyne's good graces. O'Hare held Lylla at gunpoint, but she simply freed herself and knocked him down. After getting away, Lylla, Rocket, Wal Rus and Pyko reached the robots' central manufacturing facility. The group fed the Gideon Bible to the Head Robot, which used it to design a helmet that could cure insanity.[4]

Afterwards, Lylla and the rest created a mock travelling show to attract as many lunatics as possible in order to cure them. To make their pitch convincing, Rocket wore the helmet in front of a crowd. As he was already sane, the device made him overwhelmingly aware of the depth of his love for Lylla, causing Rocket to jump to Lylla and kiss her while proclaiming his love. After every human received a helmet, Lylla was shocked by the silence she heard, as the humans were occupied thinking for the first time. At that moment, Jakes and Dyvyne launched a joint, final attack. As Lylla's group was surrounded, she started firing her gun at Rocket's battle-cry of "Let 'em eat hot light," with Lylla saying goodbye to Pyko and apologizing for thinking he was a sleaze. Rocket hugged Lylla amid the explosions, declaring he couldn't stand losing her, so he wouldn't. As Rocket fled into the storm of the fight, Lylla sighed and called him her hero. The fight was won after the timely arrival of the humans, who captured every combatant. After Jakes and Dyvyne killed themselves in their attempt to escape, Rocket commanded every animal into a ship like some quadruped Noah, and imagined he left the planet with Lylla and his friends by his side, as Lylla called Halfworld not very fun anymore.[9]

Confirmed events[]

Those were Rocket's implanted memories. In reality, he was the only one to leave, and Jakes and Dyvyne never died. Lylla stayed behind in Halfworld, moved on and married Blackjack O'Hare. Lylla failed to realize Barry Bauman escaped his containment and took control of Halfworld, leaving his original body to decompose. Years later, he made his move by possessing Judson Jakes and luring Rocket back to Halfworld so that he could be his key. When Lylla took Rocket to see the possessed Jakes, Bauman exploded his head. As they found the old Barry Bauman's corpse, Star-Thief made his presence known, taking control of the facility and turning the clown guards against the animals.[1]

Star-Thief put everyone in an immersion environment to keep them pacified. Lylla found herself acting out Rocket's memory of that idyllic day by the river, but while she couldn't break the spell and realize where she was, Rocket was woken up by his friend Groot. Shortly after, Star-Thief was sedated and taken down. Lylla was present when Rocket was invited to come back to Halfworld as co-chief of security, but he told his old soulmate, and his ex-coworkers, that his life's path was to be a Guardian of the Galaxy now.[10]

Some time after this, Lylla and Blackjack divorced, something for which Blackjack blamed Rocket.[3]

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