Lyndon Baines Johnson was a President of the USA. He was in office when SHIELD was founded, and personally sent Nick Fury on several missions, amongst them a reunion mission for the Howling Commandos.

Johnson was the active President when Kang the Conqueror made his first appearance in the 20th century, landing in Virginia. Kang humiliated the United States Army and the Avengers, then he formally demanded the complete surrender of all the world's government to him. The world leaders met in the United Nations and unanimously agreed to confront Kang. Kang was then defeated by the Avengers and the Teen Brigade.[1]

He sent a memo to General Ross, charging him with the duty of granting the Hulk amnesty once he was confident that the Hulk was no longer a menace, after his victorious battle against the Hulk-Killer.[2].


  • Before Johnson's first canonical appearance, an unnamed President of the United States appeared in Tales to Astonish #64 (February 1965, where Rick Jones reveals a secret to the President), then reappearing in #68) (June 1965, where the President makes a reference to that specific secret). Johnson or a proxy may have also been present in the United Nations meeting in Avengers #8 (September 1964). These topical appearances may be of Johnson.

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