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The Protege of Number One, the leader of the Secret Empire, Lynn Church was given the task of tending to the injured Jeff Wilde as his nurse. However, secretly the Empire was turning Wilde into a cyborg, codenamed Midnight. Church used her access to Wilde to gauge his ability to withstand the cybernetic implants he was getting and used the successful ones on herself, eventually becoming a cyborg as well.[1]

She was later seen working alongside Jeff to bring down Moon Knight, who he had felt betrayed him. They beat and captured Marc, pinning him to a clock in their sewer base, but then Lynn realized that Spector had no intention of killing either of them, which made him useless to her plan, and hit Jeff with a hammer. She explained to Marc that she had wanted him to kill both herself and Jeff, and thus free them of the pain and humiliation of their imperfect cyborg bodies. In the ensuing fight between the three of them, Jeff was killed and after helping an injured Marc out of the sewers, she detonated herself and destroyed the sewer base.[2]



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