The Human Torch and Toro are on vacation at Sea-Shore. While on the beach, the two begin practising their observation skills. When the Torch asks Toro to recall the colour of a house they saw in a painting at the nearby Sea Cove Art Shop, Toro believes that it is yellow, but the Torch remembers that it is red. Unable to come to an agreement, they both fly to the gallery to confirm who is correct. When they arrive the painting is gone, and the shop owner tells them that it was just sold, however confirms Toro's recollection by saying that the house in the painting was yellow, however the Torch is still convinced he remembered seeing a red house in the painting. While they brows around the shop, they are told one of the patrons is Lynn White, who works for the local paper who has bought many paintings at the shop previously.

Later, while back on the beach, the Torch and Toro witness Mr. White getting shot by an unknown gunman. However, when they chase the killer, he causes a rock slide that endangers eyewitnesses on the scene, forcing Torch and Toro to use their flame powers to save the crowd and allow the killer to escape. With no other leads, the pair begin investigating White. At the sheriffs office they learn that White was previously a European correspondent during the war prior to returning home. Having searched White's house, they had determined that White hasn't worked since returning from Europe, but despite this a large sum of money was deposited into his account. Another interesting point is that they did not find any paintings at the house, even though the shop owner claimed White bought many.

Still puzzled over the different coloured house in the painting, the Torch and Toro go to the original painter to clear up the matter. However the painter shocks them by saying the house in the painting was originally grey. However, when the Torch starts pressing for answers the artist retracts and says the house was yellow. Before they can inquire any more the shop owner sneaks up behind the two and knocks them out. They are then stuffed in an oversized suit of armour to suffocate to death. However, when they come around, the Torch and Toro move around enough to cause the suit of armour to fall over and knock the helmet off giving them enough air to flame on and melt free.

The flaming duo track down the artist and the dealer as they are making a sale of the painting, which they had slightly altered -- and it turns out to be a genuine piece of art by an Italian artist named Delisse. The Torch and Toro quickly round up the men and learn that they had set up an intricate art theft scheme: While Mr. White was in Europe he stole works of art, which the painter then altered with temporary paint to make them look like worthless imitations that would fool customs. After bringing the paintings to the United States, they then removed the alterations and sold them to crooked art buyers. The Torch and Toro learn that they killed White because he was asking for to big of a cut. With the plot exposed, the art thieves and their client are turned over to the police.[1]

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