The Lynx was the cunning and ruthless leader of the Bandoleros, a gang of Mexican owlhoots who would cross the Rio Grande and raid small American border towns. The Bandoleros would strike without warning and would cross safely back into Mexico before either the army or any lawmen could get to them. As a result, Captain Carlson of the American army recruited the Rawhide Kid to help him capture the Lynx and her gang because of his outlaw reputation. The Kid agreed and went into Mexico, seeking the location of the Bandoleros. After a scuffle with some local toughs, a member of the gang brought the Kid back to their camp, thinking he would be a great asset to their plans. While some members of the gang were suspicious of the Kid, the Lynx agreed to let him join, on the condition that he hand over his guns until he proved he could be trusted. The Kid complied and told the Lynx of a shipment of army gold which was lightly protected and would make them all rich.

The Bandoleros followed the Kid to the town where the gold was supposed to be stored, though in reality it was a trap set by the Kid and the army, who were hiding in town waiting to ambush the outlaws. The Kid became nervous when the Lynx sent a scout on ahead to ensure that it wasen't a trap. Sure enough, the scout saw the waiting soldiers and came back telling the gang of the Kid's betrayal. The Kid was then forced to fight the entire gang after grabbing a gun from his closest foe. After he had outfought the entire group, the Lynx surrendered and then appeared to try and seduce the Kid, asking him to partner up with her. The Kid saw through the ruse, however, and grabbed the Lynx's hand before she could stab him with a concealed knife. Soon after the army came upon the group as they suspected the Kid may have gotten into trouble when they didn't arrive in town. As the Lynx was put into the custody of the army she vowed revenge on the Kid for betraying her.




The Lynx was a decent marksman and horseman as well as a ruthless and cunning criminal leader.




Pistols, knives

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