Lynx was the royal princess of planet Felis-1 who was captured by Halfworld leader Lord Dyvyne in order to receive the bounty that was put on her head by the Man-Beast. In an attempt to save her himself, Rocket Raccoon, with help from Groot and Mr. Wal Rus transported into the prison section of Dyvyne's ship, to locate the cell she was being held in.

After taking out members of the Black Bunny Brigade, Rocket punched in the security code to unlock the door hoping to receive a kiss from the princess, but instead she screamed at him saying that he was an idiot for ruining everything. Lynx was waiting for her father, the king of Felis-1 to send a rescue team to come get her. But with no time to waste Lynx and Rocket both started a riot against the bunnies and their leader Blackjack O'Hare.

As they tried to make their escape, Lynx and Rocket were confronted by Dyvyne who was surprised to see the little weasel after all those years, and realized that if he turned the both of them over to Man-Beast, he would have his choice of owning any of the trade routes he wanted. But Groot and Wal-Rus intervened during the little discussion long enough for all of them to make it to Rocket's ship, with him then offering Lynx a position among his crew.[1]

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