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The daughter of Thundra (the empress of the United Sisterhood) and the Incredible Hulk,[5] Lyra was gifted with the strength of her parents and trained as an elite warrior for the Sisterhood in their fight against men,[1] but, unlike the other gamma mutates, Lyra secretly grew weaker the angrier she got.[6]

Lyra was called by the Gynosure to head a secret mission, one not even her select band of warrior compatriots were aware of. The Sisterhood's Cradle was malfunctioning, causing defective births, and without replacement circuitry it would be the end of the Sisterhood's ability to replenish their numbers, eventually leading to their extinction. Lyra was armed with Boudicca, a wristwatch with an artificial intelligence linked to both the Sisterhood and Gynosure at all times, and sent to the Men's Cradle to steal the appropriate parts to repair their own Cradle.[1] When a traitor turned on Lyra at the request of the Gynosure, the replacement parts were destroyed in their fight. Lyra returned to Gynosure to confront her for her treachery but was then sent to Earth-616, to seek out the great Norman Osborn and breed with him.[7]


Against A.R.M.O.R.

After arriving on Earth-616, still armed with her wrist-worn companion, Boudicca, Lyra was engaged by A.R.M.O.R. personnel who had detected her entry into this reality. Seeing themselves close to defeat, A.R.M.O.R. called for back-up in the form of gamma specialist Jennifer Walters, also known as the Sensational She-Hulk.[1] They fought, but their confrontation was interrupted by the Sentry, who threw Jen from Manhattan to New Jersey and asked slightly arrogantly what it was Lyra sought from him, the Earth's mightiest male. As Lyra explained it was Norman Osborn she was after, he appeared (as the Iron Patriot) accompanied by his Avengers.[6] Lyra was captured, but Boudicca hacked into H.A.M.M.E.R.'s systems and released her, locking Osborn in a room with her.[7] Lyra found herself disgusted by the idea of allowing what she viewed as Earth's greatest monster to ensure the survival of the future, and attempted to escape. As she was facing Norman's Avengers once more, Jennifer came to her rescue and the two were teleported away by A.R.M.O.R. Now safe from Osborn, Boudicca revealed she had located the manufacturing facility where the Cradle's macro processor was originally produced and sent one of the factory's automated robots to bury it for retrieval in the future. After the piece was dug up by the Sisterhood back on Earth-8009, Gynosure allowed Lyra to remain in the present and live in peace in search of her true place.[4]

In exchange for some of Norman Osborn's stolen secrets, Director Little Sky gave Lyra a place among the ranks of A.R.M.O.R. rather than deport her to her home universe.[4]

Tutored by the Original She-Hulk

After Jennifer was a week late in visiting Lyra to continue her orientation to her new universe, Lyra was concerned for her mentor's whereabouts, but Little Sky was not interested in an official investigation of Jennifer's disappearance, as it was not A.R.M.O.R.'s concern. Lyra disobeyed him and left in a shock carrier with Alexander Erde, who confessed his feelings for her. On route to the first location of their investigation, they were ambushed by a trio of genetically enhanced women and they killed Alexander. The three women were then revealed to be the Gamma Corps: Black, created by Osborn by taking inspiration from Lyra's tales about his Earth-8009 counterpart. The team intended to capture Lyra to be dissected and her organs harvested for research, but, motivated by Erde's death, she defeated the women one by one.[8]

Wearing a stolen Fantastic Four costume

She proceeded to Gamma Base, Death Valley, where she hoped to find clues towards Jennifer's whereabouts. However, she found no sign of Jennifer. She later joined the Wizard's Frightful Four, hoping to find her, which proved to be a good decision, considering they were holding her in stasis in their Helicarrier. Lyra almost broke Jennifer free before being given a message from Banner to hold off on doing it until later. When Banner and other super heroes arrived at the base, he punched Lyra during the battle to allow her an excuse to go free Jennifer. She did as planned, but the two green heroines were attacked by Red She-Hulk. Jennifer tried to convince Lyra that Red She-Hulk was not a bad person but was thrown out of the Helicarrier by Red She-Hulk along with Lyra.[9]

Fighting by Jen's side

When they hit the ground, they were faced with hordes of Hulked-out people, but they managed to handle the situation with the help of Red She-Hulk, who had only tossed them off the ship to prevent M.O.D.O.K. from catching them.[10]

After the defeat of the Intelligencia, Jennifer took Lyra to live with her in New York, at the request of Bruce, and she was enrolled in high school, also at her father's request. To help her control her transformations and also keep her strength levels from decreasing when she got angry, Bruce injected her with modified S.P.I.N. tech, which successfully countered her gamma condition.[3] Due to some incidents, however, Lyra quit high school[11] and joined |Avengers Academy.[12]


Sometime later, as part of Doc Green's quest to rid the world of gamma mutations, he engaged Lyra in an attempt to send her back to her own reality. His A.I., Gammon, took on a mind of its own, however, and deemed sending Lyra home to be an insufficient solution, instead choosing to send her to a hellish nightmare dimension, much to Doc Green's dismay.[13]

Randall Jessup and Daman Veteri, two of Doc Green's assistants, eventually located her and left to bring her back, only to find that she had conquered the dimension, declared herself Empress, and enslaved male demons into her own royal harem. All the males were subjugated, but the females of that dimension were allowed their freedom and embraced Lyra as their Empress due to the world no longer being the hellish nightmare it was back when the men ran it. Happy at her achievements and utterly impressed at her conquest, the pair decided to leave her alone. However, earlier, they had keyed their tech to automatically teleport them and Lyra back upon physical contact, so, as both complimented her with a high-five, they accidentally triggered the teleportation, returning Lyra to Earth-616. With her hands around their necks, she furiously demanded the two to find her dimension to send her back again, making them her slaves until they did.[14]

Still on Earth-616, Lyra was later approached by her mother, Thundra, who wanted to reconnect with Lyra after her time with the Squadron Supreme, which ended with the team disbanding. Thundra took her daughter to Weirdworld for them to have adventures together.[15]


Power Grid[19]
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Superhuman Strength: In a completely calm state achieved via meditation, Lyra possesses incredible superhuman strength, being able to lift up to 100 tons. Lyra's strength has extended into her highly developed leg muscles, enabling her to leap great distances or heights. She is capable of leaping to a height of 600 feet and a distance of 1000 feet in a single bound.[3]

Superhuman Durability[3]

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her body's extremely high resistance to injury, it is possible to injure her. However, she is capable of rapidly regenerating from injuries that result in great tissue damage and blood loss.[7]

Gamma Sight: Lyra also has Gamma Sight which allows her to sense someone's weakness, gives her heightened senses, and allows her to fight in a trance state. This ability makes Lyra almost unstoppable.[2]

Symbiote-Repelling Pheromones: In Lyra's time, there is a great "black bloom", which is descended from the Venom symbiote. To counter this, scientists of Lyra's time genetically engineered all girls to emit pheromones, making them repulsive to the symbiotes. When Lyra encountered the Venom in the 616 universe, his symbiote recoiled and couldn't go near her.[4]


Lyra is the chief arms maiden of her tribe and was trained since childhood in the ways of combat. She has both extensive hand to hand abilities and can wield a variety of weapons with great proficiency.[7]


To prevent Lyra from going into a destructive rage like her father, the engineers responsible for her abilities made it so she would get weaker the angrier she gets instead of stronger.[2]



Formerly: Wrist device named Boudicca.[16]


  • To name Thundra and Hulk's daughter, writer Jeff Parker took inspiration from Princess Lyra, who appeared in Savage Tales #1, the first appearance of the Femizons.[17]

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