In a Martian-conquered Earth from a possible future, M'Bakshulla the White was a cybernetically altered gladiator slave. He managed to escape with Erik Killraven, becoming the Freemen. Killraven was fueled by resentment towards humanity's last stronghold, Wakanda, because he was was Wakandan left to the mercy of the Martians during exile. Using the Time Diamonds, the Freemen traveled back in time with the intention to debilitate Wakanda so in the future it would kneel to the Martian invaders like the rest of the world.[1]

The Freemen destroyed Wakanda's garden of the Heart-Shaped Herb, killing king T'Chaka in the process. They retreated to the outskirts of Wakanda, but were tracked down by the returning prince T'Challa. M'Bakshulla confronted T'Challa and overpowered him even after T'Challa exploded one of his cyborg arms. When M'Bakshulla prepared to snap T'Challa's neck, the young prince accepted an offer from the demonic entity Zarathos and was turned into the Ghost Panther. Breaking free from M'Bakshulla's grasp, the Ghost Panther consumed his soul, killing him.[2]


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