M'Demwe was a Wakandan whose father, Tanso, was one of the many challengers that fought King T'Chaka on Challenge Day for the throne. Due to the injuries he sustained, Tanso was left unable to work, and he refused to accept government stipend out of pride. Convinced that T'Chaka denied his country a conqueror's destiny, M'Demwe joined forces with Hydra to challenge the peace he believe made the Wakandans soft. As a result of this, he facilitated Baron Strucker's access into Wakanda.

Not long afterwards, T'Chaka had Andebah meet with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Gabriel Jones on Long Island, New York to obtain a bio-nanite enhancement infusion developed by Stark Industries in hopes to use it to cure Queen N'Yami of a deadly illness. M'Demwe interrupted the meeting, accompanied by another Hydra agent. Even though Andebah managed to kill the Hydra agent and took off on her ship, M'Demwe picked up his fellow agent's bazooka and fired at Andebah's ship, destroying it.[1]

He later worked with the rutuku led by Ulysses Klaw and, after killing the boy's mother and father, kidnapped N'Jadaka during the invasion that resulted in King T'Chaka's death. While in exile following Klaw's defeat, M'Demwe forced N'Jadaka to steal for him and build devices to help with his various plots until the boy grew tired of their relationship.[2] He then shot,[3] and ultimately stabbed, M'Demwe to death.[2]

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