M'Reel was a member of an alien race from another dimension that called themselves the P'Tah. In one of Graviton's battles with the Avengers, he imploded and ended up in the P'Tah dimension.[1] Graviton assumed them to be weak minded and they proclaimed him God.[2] In a later battle with the Thunderbolts and Machine Man, Graviton imploded again, returning to the P'Tah dimension and was saved by M'Reel.[3]

M'Reel appeared to be a sycophantic manservant always willing to help Graviton. Eventually, M'Reel arranged a meeting with Graviton and Moonstone who had spurned Graviton's romantic overtures in the past.[4][5]

M'Reel's presence was boosting Graviton's powers and his intent was for Moonstone to push Graviton past his self doubts and allow him to conquer the world with his new mastery of his powers.[5] The P'Tah's intent was to dispense with Graviton after he had won the world. Fixer eventually realized M'Reel was playing Graviton and the original Thunderbolts reunited to defeat Graviton and the P'Tah.[6] The defeat of the P'Tah led to the majority of the founding Thunderbolts being displaced to Counter Earth.[1]

M'Reel was murdered by Fixer when he uncovered M'Reel's scheme. As M'Reel's body continued to absorb Graviton's powers, it caused portal to open that allowed the P'Tah to escape their dimensional prison.[1]


  • M'Reel could absorb Graviton's gravitikinesis and channel it into opening portal between his dimensions and Earth-616.[6] This ability functioned even after M'Reel's death.[1]
  • Armored Skin: His armored skin gave him enhanced durability as he shrugged off an electric shock from Fixer.[6]


M'Reel's skin couldn't withstand gunshots.[1]

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