M'Rinn encountered the X-Man Storm at a dimensional interface point in a body of water in the Savage Land when the X-Men were staying there. M'Rinn and one of her people were in peril, being attacked by an aquatic dinosaur, and Storm saved them, killing the creature. Storm accompanied M'Rinn back to her own dimension for a time, aiding her in battle and governing her people. The two became close friends, and M'Rinn called Storm 'daughter of my heart.' When Storm eventually left M'Rinn's dimension, M'Rinn gave her a cameo that could detect and allow Storm to get to M'Rinn's dimension.

When the Savage Land was apparently devastated and its people decimated by the inter-galactic scavenger Terminus, Storm was drawn to the prehistoric enclave. Using her cameo, Storm crossed over to M'Rinn's realm and discovered that M'Rinn had saved a number of Savage Land natives and harbored them on her ship. Returning to Storm's world, M'Rinn and the survivors helped the X-Men battle Terminus (who in this case was actually Garokk in disguise).


M'Rinn is a trained combatant and leader of warriors, and was a skilled markswoman.

Strength level

Normal human strength.


C'Jime the 'Sky-fox.'


M'Rinn and her people are armed with weapons that are apparently in advance of contemporary Earth technology.

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