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Shi'ar legends said that the homeworld of the M'kraan Crystal was the first planet to form and was as old as time. Whatever race lived there was long gone and the only structure that withstood the ravages of time was the M'kraan Crystal. It is said its creators named the Crystal "the end of all that is." Since its discovery the planet remained under Shi'ar protection.[6] It was also said that on the wedding day of the Shi'ar gods, K'ythri gifted the Crystal to his soon to be wife Sharra.[7] But in truth, the race that previously inhabited the planet where the Crystal resided, the M'kraan, had been exterminated by the Shi'ar who destroyed their planet and took the Crystal as their own.[8]

The M'kraan Crystal was a huge pink crystal of unknown origins, which was older than known history. Inside of the crystal there was a beautiful alien city, that outstretched, by far, the "logical" volume that should have been allowable. Also there was no movement, as time and space had no meaning here. At the center of the city was a glowing energy sphere, which hosted a neutron galaxy. The sun of this neutron galaxy was a nexus point of all matter and antimatter of not only the universe, but all the different realities in existence.[1] The crystal also housed the White Hot Room.[9][2][10][11]

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Should the Crystal's stasis fields be destroyed, the gravitational forces would extend into the universe, drawing all of it into a black hole, causing the universe to collapse. After that, it explodes into a new, virgin universe. Every million years, when nine galaxies, seen as mere stars from the homeworld, enter a certain alignment, the Crystal would open a gateway to what legend said was absolute power. For this reason, the crystal was guarded by powerful beings named Jahf and Modt.[12]

Emperor D'ken of the Shi'ar Empire attempted to use the legendary power of the M'kraan Crystal. His sister Lilandra, rightly believing such an attempt would destroy the universe, enlisted the aid of the X-Men to stop his plan. With the help of the Starjammers, D'ken was defeated. The X-Men entered the crystal but were affected by its nightmare field. Cyclops accidentally damaged it, but the Crystal was repaired by the power of the Phoenix Force (who had taken the form and persona of Jean Grey) and the universe was saved.[13]

A fragment of the crystal was sent back in time by Iron Lad to keep it away from Kristoff Vernard. It was sent to Nate's Young Avengers cohorts, briefly destabilizing time as it passed from member to member.[14]

As part of their plan to take over the Nexuses of Realities, the Reckoning attempted to steal the Crystal along with the Forever Gate and the Apex of All Reality. Rapture, and Reject lead the Morani in fighting the Imperial Guard to steal the Crystal. Despite the intervention of Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, She-Hulk, and Jack of Hearts, the Reckoning defeated the heroes before taking the M'kraan Crystal.[15] Wrath used the Crystal's shards for his armor to further empower himself in order to attack Planet T-37X, homeworld of the Watchers, and finally claim the Apex.[16]

Upon arriving to the planet, Wrath used the shards to release the toxic gas from the Barrens as a reminder of the Prosilicans' suffering as a result of the Watchers.[17] Wrath was eventually erased from reality by the Ultimate Nullifier, causing the M'kraan Crystal to become unstable and self-destruct. The Human Torch and the Silver Surfer attempted to carry the shards to Destruction, but after Uatu was imbued with the cosmic energies of the Apex he restored the Crystal while trapping Rapture, Ruins, and Emnu, the Watcher responsible for the destruction of the Prosilicans, inside it. The powerful alien Cormorant would join Modt and Jahf in protecting the Crystal.[18]


Known as the "Nexus of All Realities,"[1][2][3][4] the M'kraan Crystal allows one to travel to other realities of the Multiverse.[19] Even shards of the crystal have this property; for example, Nate Grey, Holocaust, Sugar Man, and others were transported from the Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295) to Earth-616 with a shard of the M'kraan Crystal.[19] Additionally, the crystal enables time travel.[3] A shard of the crystal powers the reality-hopping Tallus,[5] and the crystal can even transport people to the Panoptichron, a location outside of space and time.[20]

Since the M'kraan Crystal simultaneously exists in all realities,[2] if the crystal is shattered in one reality, it would affect other realities and start a chain reaction could potentially wipe out the entire Multiverse.[1][21]

The crystal also has restorative properties. The M'kraan Crystal restored Charles Xavier's X-Gene after he had been depowered by Wanda Maximoff.[22]

Alternate Reality Versions[]

Image Description Issue
M'kraan Crystal from Spider-Man Noir Vol 2 5 On Earth-90214, the M'kraan Crystal is located inside the Tomb of the Heaven of the Temple of Inanna in Uruk; Babylon. Spider-Man Noir (Vol. 2) #5
M'kraan Crystal from Dead X-Men Vol 1 4 001 In the Moira II.4 timeline, during an interstellar war, Orbis Stellaris sought to combine a fragment of the M'kraan crystal with the Mysterium to create a device that would allow him to achieve dominionhood. Prodigy of the main timeline attempted to prevent Stellaris from claiming it, only for the Sinister clone to steal the fragment back. Unfortunately for him, he was later killed by Enigma who stole his ascension to create himself. Dead X-Men #4


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