M'lanz was a Skrull soldier active during the Kree-Skrull War as part of a trio called the War Sisters. When the sleeper Kree spy Tel-Kar blew his cover to save a group of Kree refugees, he was taken down by the War Sisters. He was held captive and tortured for years, but escaped as soon as the security protocols on him were lessened - killing M'lanz's sisters in the process.

Before separating himself from his symbiote, Tel-Kar hid in it all the intel he had learned from the Skrulls, including the existence of a programmable plague capable of targeting specific species. In order to prevent Tel-Kar from reuniting with the symbiote and unlocking those secrets once again, M'lanz tracked it down to Earth, where it had become known as Venom.[1] M'lanz subdued the symbiote's current host, Eddie Brock, but Tel-Kar appeared to defend his former symbiote.[2] When Venom recovered, he tried to assist Tel-Kar and eventually managed to flee with the Kree soldier; dropping the contents of a water tower on M'lanz while she was holding a loose wire and electrocuting her.[3]

M'lanz (Earth-616) and Sleeper (Klyntar) (Earth-616) from Venom First Host Vol 1 5 001

M'lanz temporarily bonded with the Sleeper symbiote.

M'lanz tracked both of them down to the Alchemax Tower, but Tel-Kar had already reunited with the symbiote and escaped. M'lanz joined forces with Brock - who bonded to the Venom symbiote's newest offspring, Sleeper - and followed Tel-Kar to a Skrull research station in the Messier 78 Nebula where the plague was stored.[1] In a fit of pique, the Sleeper symbiote knocked M'lanz out when she questioned its abilities, and she awakened to find Eddie and the symbiote gone and the airlock of her ship barricaded shut. Sleeper informed her that Tel-Kar had released the virus, so she donned a biohazard suit and set out to join him, arriving just in time to stop Tel-Kar from killing him. Tel-Kar disarmed her and punctured her suit with her own weapon to expose her to the bioweapon, forcing the Sleeper symbiote to leave Eddie and bond to her. When M'lanz demanded Tel-Kar give up, telling him that he had lost, he informed her that he had contacted the Kree Empire.[4] However, the ships that arrived attacked the research facility, and M'lanz and Venom escaped. Returning the Sleeper symbiote to Venom, M'lanz dropped them off on Earth and returned to Skrull space, telling Venom she hoped to never meet him again.[5]

M'lanz is loyal to the Skrull Empire, determined to hunt down Tel'Kar to prevent him from committing genocide against her species.


Seemingly those of a typical Skrull


A halberd-like weapon capable of projecting energy

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