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The members of M-Squad were simply regular scientists studying the Empire State Building during the event known as Inferno, when they and their equipment were absorbed into the building.[1] After Inferno, they emerged with strangely changed equipment that they decided to use to hunt mutants. Their first and only job was hunting the mutant Jubilee, which ended in complete failure when some of the X-Men intervened.[2] What became of M-Squad afterward is unrevealed.


  • M-Squad was created by Chris Claremont who has often named characters in his stories after real life people. This apparently also applies to members of the M-Squad who are apparently named after the science fiction writers George R. R. Martin, Melinda Snodgrass, Lewis Shiner, and Victor Milan. All of them have written for the Wild Cards science fiction anthology series that Claremont has also written stories for.
  • M-Squad is an affectionate parody of Ghostbusters.

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