108 scientists from AIM spent sixteen months building this giant, faceless humanoid body, with twenty-three of them working on the right hand. AIM leader MODOK, who had a mutated body, could enter and leave the body's head at whim and manipulate it. He did so just after accepting the Black Lama's offer to join a contest of super-villains: Iron Man, controlled by another contestant, the Mad Thinker, attacked MODOK's headquarter. Iron Man made the giant body fall and then threw a part of the lair on it, but the body withstood the damage. MODOK fought him from the armor, trying to topple him, dog-fighting him in the sky using foot-rockets and shooting him with beams of energy from the body's left hand — as the right hand had been destroyed by Iron Man at the beginning of the fight. During the fight, Iron Man tactically tried to move away, but the Thinker, monitoring the event, mistakenly believed that Iron Man was betraying him, and paralyzed his armor. This led to MODOK grabbing Iron Man and using him to track the Thinker to his lair.[1] Once there, MODOK defeated the Thinker's Monster Android while the Thinker grabbed Iron Man and hid, placing two copycat androids in his and Iron Man's places. MODOK destroyed the Thinker android, believing to have killed the real Thinker.[2]

The Lama sent MODOK, still in his humanoid body, to the Chinese lair of another supervillain contestant the Yellow Claw. Using the Iron Man android as a pawn, MODOK flanked the Claw, but the Claw escaped and MODOK collided with the Claw. The Claw then sent MODOK's bulky armor to a great fall in the mountain, apparently destroying it; the Claw believed to have killed MODOK in the process.[2]

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