Quote1 Know that I am mechanoid scout MK-5, sent by the Masters to investigate this world as a possible trading colony. Our laws require the native life-forms to give their peaceful consent, for their own advantage--yet your actions have signaled hostility. What say you? Quote2
-- MK-5 src

MK-5 was a mechanized scout sent to Earth to secretly scout the planet as a possible colony. He trapped Iron Man in his ship on their first encounter and, as Iron Man was carefully aggressive, MK-5 understood that Earthlings were probably hostile; he nevertheless decided to take Iron Man to his planet. Landing on the planet to investigate and assuming a human appearance, he met a human woman, Belinda Thompkins, and the two were kidnapped by a couple of gangsters, Baldy Kolak and his minion Rasko. Trying to protect Thompkins, MK-5 was eventually shot by both criminals and exploded.[1]


He can change appearance and resist bullet damage to a certain extent.

MK-5 was sent by people he called "the Masters." These Masters were not identified and might be related to other Master-named characters.

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