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MK-9 was an android who came from an alternate future in which all life on Earth was extinguished by an unknown catastrophe (except for his master Baal). His purpose was to alter the timeline and prevent that catastrophic future from ever happening.

Disguised as Mr. Klein

MK-9 first disguised himself under the alias of Mister Kline and blackmailed Foggy Nelson with hopes of controlling the then District Attorney.[1] This resulted in the crushing of Nelson's morale and prevented him from running for governor which suited Kline's plans.[2] He received the codename Assassin by Baal for his success in the blackmail.

Mister Kline later hired the villains Man-Bull[3] and The Owl[1] to eliminate superhero Daredevil, both of which failed. He also tried to discredit multi-millionaire Tony Stark, but his plans were thwarted by his alter ego Iron Man.[4] MK-9 decided to stop using live subjects due to the fact that they were unreliable, and started using android replicas of supervillains like the Scorpion[5] and Mr. Hyde.[6]

Final Sons of Man destroying MK-9

Eventually, MK-9 lured Matt Murdock to Switzerland in the guise of Dr. Emil Borgdsky under the pretext of curing his blindness, thus ending Daredevil's career. However Matt found out he was an android and fought him with Black Widow's help. At the height of the battle, two androids from a more distant future than that of MK-9 appeared. They referred to themselves as the Final Sons of Man and quickly put an end to Kline's madness by firing at him with their optical laser blasts, thus destroying him.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[7]
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