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WTNH, Channel 8


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Control Room, WTNH

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Production company; Night Thrasher hired them when his funds were down

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The MRVL Network is the production company that created the New Warriors reality tv show. The show (on WTNH, Channel 8), followed the New Warriors around the western United States, filming them fight super-villians. The show became quite successful, but met it's end in Stamford, Connecticut. The New Warriors were raiding four supervillians (Cobalt Man, Speedfreak, Coldheart, and Nitro), but the Warriors were out of their league. Nitro used his explosive power to kill the Warriors, all of the cameramen for WTNH, and 800 children in a nearby school. Because of the national importance of this event, the entire footage of it was released to the public, including a scene where Speedball admitted they were outmatched and simply chasing ratings. After this catastrophe, it is assumed that the company met it's end, after the bad publicity of kick-starting the Civil War.[1]


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