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Ma Mayhem was considered one of the most powerful witches in California and as such was hired by Baron Thunder and the Committee to capture Jack Russell, the Werewolf. Ma Mayhem agreed on the terms that she was able to keep one of the Werewolf's ears for a spell that she wanted to cast.

She gained entrance to Jack's condo by posing as a cleaning lady and attacked him as soon as he changed into the Werewolf. Ma seemed to have the upper hand until the Werewolf was sent hurtling though a wall into his next door neighbour, Raymond Coker's condo. Unbeknownst to anyone, Coker was also a werewolf who had discovered a spell which allowed him to avoid the transformations on the nights of the full moon. His spell having been broken, however, Coker transformed into a werewolf attacking Russell for ruining his spell. Ma Mayhem felt outnumbered by the appearance of a second werewolf and left the scene.

She then came across Jack's sister, Lissa and captured her, leaving a note for Jack to surrender himself to the Committee in order to ensure her safety.[1] Shortly thereafter, Jack came into possession of one of the Werewolf Rings which allowed him to change into his werewolf form without the need of a full moon, and to retain his own mind while in the creature's body. He used this ability to launch a suprise attack on the Committee's headquarters, battling both Ma Mayhem and Baron Thunder. Russell succeeded in rescuing his sister, though the Committee's headquarters was set on fire in the process and it looked as though Baron Thunder and Ma Mayhem may have died in the resulting explosion.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Ma Mayhem was considered to be California's most powerful witch by Baron Thunder and thus may have possessed several mystical abilities, though none of these have been recorded to date.



Ma Mayhem wielded several weapons created specifically to attack werewolves including:

  • An axe made of silver
  • A silver dust which could be used to choke the throat and lungs of a werewolf.
  • A magical silver-coated whip

Ma Mayhem also used a vial of sleeping gas and a knife with the Committee's emblem on its butt among other weapons.

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