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Maa-Gor was the former leader and last surviving member of the Man-Apes in the Savage Land. He was responsible for leading his people to exterminate the saber tooth tigers. Among them was the mate of Zabu, who tracked them down to get revenge. He found them about to attack a young Kevin Plunder (later called Ka-Zar), but arrived just in time to save the boy. He then scattered the rest of the tribesmen. Maa-Gor had regained consciousness and targeted the tiger with his spear, but Ka-Zar picked up his father's gun and shot Maa-Gor in the shoulder, saving Zabu's life. Maa-Gor held a grudge against them both that would last to the adult life of Ka-Zar.[1]

He was later exposed to strange mists that briefly transformed him into the Man-God, granting him telepathic and telekientic powers, as well as the ability to revive his old tribe. Maa-Gor was eventually turned back into a brutish caveman and suffered the loss of an eye. He has not been seen since, and it is unknown if he still lives.[2]


  • Maa-Gor suffered from bipolar disorder, but being a caveman living in a hidden valley in Antarctica, had no way of getting a diagnosis.[3]

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