In the fall of 1942, Mabu was a young man who trained elephants along the coast of India. When Imperial Japanese forces sought to take over India during World War II, they saw a benefit in Mabu and his people's trained elephants. Offering them Japanese Yen coins and other worthless trinkets, they tricked Mabu and his people into clearing the beach so that an invasion fleet could land on Indian shores.

This plot was discovered by the Sub-Mariner who got the answers from Mabu. After Namor immobilized the Japanese ships, the soldiers came ashore and attempted to take the elephants and use them on their own. Namor came to Mabu's rescue and led his people into the forest. When Namor told Mabu and his people to stay behind, Mabu laughed, telling Namor that his elephants were of a special breed that were highly durable, or in his own words:

"No one can make a hole in elephant's thick hide -- not even with sharp axes!!"

Inspired by this, Namor led Mabu and his people on a herd of elephants to attack the Japanese forces on land, wrecking their tanks and stomping the soldiers to death, ending their threat.[1]

Mabu's subsequent activities are unrecorded.


Mabu is a skill elephant trainer and has trained them to be able to follow his verbal commands.


Mabu's Elephant (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 36 0001

Mabu's elephant

Mabu travels on an elephant. Interestingly enough, these elephants are of a particular breed that are highly durable. Mabu has claimed not even an axe can harm them, and they have been shown to be bulletproof.

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