Mac-Ronn was a medic aboard a medical ship in the Kree empire. He and his ship's captain Tara were ordered to travel to Earth and recover the Sentry 459, erasing his memory and returning it to Hala. When they took off from Earth, their ship was discovered by the SHIELD Helicarier and they were shot down.[1]

Tara and Mac Ronn were able to pass themselves off as Caucasian while on earth and for a time lived with Ethan and Lizzie Wilford on their farm. Tara was killed by an insane Ronan. Mac Ronn continued to live with the Wilfords on their farm.

Mac Ronn (Earth-616) 002

Tara and Mac Ronn had come to earth to investigate the "virus of the spirit". They believed that Kree (and even their robotic sentries) lost all sense of logic after coming to earth. [1]

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