Quote1 I've got some boys on the outside who'd love to meet him. Y'know, take a picture, slice his throat, put his head in a dryer? Quote2
-- Mac Gargan src

MacDonald Gargan is a criminal with an extensive criminal record, including homicide.

He met Adrian Toomes on board the Staten Island Ferry to purchase modified Chitauri weapons from him, when both the FBI and Spider-Man intervened. During a brief scuffle between Spider-Man, the FBI, and Toomes and his associates, Gargan's face was severely scarred and his arm broken. He was subsequently captured and sent to prison.

After Toomes was likewise arrested, he and Gargan met again in prison. Gargan assured Toomes that he didn't blame him for his injuries, and informed him that he knew of a group of people who wanted revenge on Spider-Man. When Gargan mentioned a rumor circling that Toomes knew Spider-Man's true identity, Adrian lied, assuring Gargan that if he knew Spider-Man's identity, Spider-Man would already be dead.[1]

  • Like his Ultimate counterpart, this version of Gargan has various tattoos. One of which is a scorpion, serving as a nod to his alias in the comics.

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