Scorpion was another one of the first villains Spider-Man faced, just before the Green Goblin appeared. Shortly after his battle with Vulture, Peter Parker was sent to Grand Central Station to take pictures of the damages that had been done during his battle with Shocker. When the elevator stopped working, Peter predicted foul play, and decided to suit up. Little did he know that both he and Mac Gargan were both being targeted by Norman Osborn.

Once he exited the elevator, he witnessed Gargan jump out of the sewers, and he was being followed by several mechanical spiders, the same ones that Spider-Man himself had encountered just shortly before battling Shocker. Spider-Man found Gargan to be a bit crazy, "a few sandwiches short of a picnic," as he put it. But nevertheless Peter was determined to help this Scorpion out. The two fought off hordes of robo-spiders, and in the end the two of them were victorious. Scorpion though, was convinced that Spider-Man was working with the robots, due to his obvious similarities with spiders. Scorpion then proceeded to attack the wall-crawler and made his way towards the surface. Spider-Man followed Gargan to Grand Central Station, and the two of them had a brutal battle, which in the end turned out to be another victory for Spider-Man, though when Spider-Man turned to get Gargan, he was nowhere in sight, and Peter felt bad for Gargan; however, he couldn't help but hope that this would be the last time he confronted the villain.[1]

At some point before their next encounter Mac managed to get the Scorpion suit off, only to have a similar suit put on again by Dr. Stillwell, this one including mental implants that allowed his creators to take control of Mac directly. He was beaten once again by Spider-Man, who managed to lure him to the location of the transmitter that allowed his creators to control him. Spider-Man subsequently assisted Mac in attacking MechaBioCon directly, the two collaborating to defeat another agent of MechaBioCon, the Rhino.[2]



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