Not much is known of MacIntyre Browning's life prior to the Black Event or even the White Event. Browning is first seen in Lincoln Crescent, Washington DC 41 minutes after the destruction of Pittsburg, having seen the resulting light and felt its effects. Retrieved by a Corporal, he is taken to the site of the destruction, but the Earth's attempts to fill up the vacuum left by Pittsburg's destruction forces him to back off and call in Jenny Swenson and her Spitfire armor to investigate. When he has a number of soldiers try to clear a path, he changes his mind and decides to set up a perimeter and declares a state of martial law around the area. When a soldier reminds him that they're not at war, he reminds him that "it's a whole new ballgame". [citation needed]

After Jenny resurfaced from the Pitt with four people, Browning calls her in and she tells him what's going on inside, horrifying him. He calls in with the rest of the Army and gets permission to do anything necessary to prevent everything from getting out, which includes shooting down a news chopper who discovered the devastation and declaring Jenny going A.W.O.L when she decides to go find and save other civilians before they die. However, despite Browning's attempts, the Soviets reveal the existence of Pittsburg's destruction.[citation needed]

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