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Machine Man

Appearing in "Alone Against Alpha Flight!"

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Synopsis for "Alone Against Alpha Flight!"

Machine Man raids one of the weapons storehouses of Madam Menace. He engages a squad of her guards and easily dispatches them, but suffers minimal damage from the incident. Madam Menace secretly monitors the battle and declares that she wants to make Machine Man part of her arsenal.

Elsewhere in the city, Senator Miles Brickman makes a public speech, decrying the recent actions of Machine Man. His staff feels as if he is concentrating too much energy on Machine Man, and ignoring more pressing platform issues.

In Canada, members of Department H review footage of Machine Man's recent battle with the Hulk. They mistakenly believe that Machine Man defeated the Hulk and deliberately used his body as a missile to attack Canada. Department H unofficially sends three members of Alpha Flight to the United States to detain Machine Man. Sasquatch, Aurora and Northstar are chosen for the mission.

Alpha Flight arrives in the States and begins their pursuit of Machine Man. Department H meanwhile, sends an undercover operative named Agent K to investigate the intelligence that led them to believe Machine Man's complicity in the affair.

Sasquatch is the first to find Machine Man. The two fight one another, Machine Man miraculously succeeds in defeating him with electric jolt. Sasquatch however, begins to doubt that Machine Man is truly a villain.

Later, Machine Man finds a message from Madam Menace daring him into a trap. Although the odds seem stacked against him, he volunteers to take the bait and raids another one of her Manhattan warehouses.

Sasquatch, Aurora and Northstar track Machine Man to the site and begin fighting him once again. Machine Man also has to deal with Madam Menace's security squad as well. They activate a sonic disrupter weapon, which ruptures Machine Man's neural circuitry. He manages to destroy the weapon, but at great cost to himself. Madam Menace's men are defeated, but the villain succeeds in evading capture. Machine Man makes his peace with Alpha Flight and leaves.

Meanwhile, Agent K learns that Senator Miles Brickman was responsible for disseminating false intelligence to Department K concerning Machine Man’s motivations. Department K publicly exposes Brickman's involvement, effectively destroying the man’s political ambitions.


  • Aurora and Northstar have blond hair on the cover to this issue, when their hair should be colored black.


  • Due to the lighthearted nature of this series, many sections of narrative and dialogue are written as alliterations.

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