Machine Resistance

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Machine Resistance
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Formed to fight the cancerous corruption in their universe


A group of inorganic sentients have banded together to fight the corruption unleashed by Mar-Vell's deal with the extradimensional Many-Angled Ones. Due to the fact that as robots, they weren't actually alive, or life/death neutral, they were immune to life pollution. As hard as they fought, they couldn't prevent Mar-Vell from enacting the Necropsy ritual, which sacrificed the Avatar of Death, thus destroying the concept of death itself, allowing the Many Angled Ones to reign supreme.[citation needed]

The Vision concealed himself in his wife, the Scarlet Witch's body to observe the Revengers and piece together a cure. But in 2009, when a Quasar from another universe mirroring their own arrived, the Many Angled Ones found him the perfect opportunity to spread to other universe and upset the balance of life and death. The Vision came out of hiding and freed Quasar, knowing that the Many Angled Ones can't find his universe without him.

When the Many Angled Ones began an invasion of Earth-616, Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived in the Cancerverse, where the Vision guided them to Titan, the central base of the Machine Resistance. Together, they concocted a plan to push out the Many Angled Ones and save their reality by reversing the Necropsy.[citation needed]

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