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Quote1 Tell ya what ya did hombree--ya played me outta one hellua payday. Ah was the one s'posed t'punch harris' ticket. Not you so seems t'me you owe ol' Macho Gomez some money. Quote2
Macho Gomez[src]


Macho Gomez is said to be "the baddest, most feared operator in the galaxy."

At some point, Macho Gomez was recruited by Funtzel of Funtzel Intergalactic Towing & Recovery to help Obb in his recovery actions, but when the mercenary married Orksa, he convinced his brother in-law to extent the activities of his society, with skip-traces, bond revocations and "other stuff".[1]

They were contacted by the Commander Kak, leader of the remains of the Ongulian Defense Fleet, to kill Id, the Selfish Moon, but even Macho refused the job, judging it too dangerous. [2]

He was hired to assassinate the family of Amalgamated Armament C.E.O. Reginald Harris, but was tricked into thinking that Deadpool had beat him to the punch. Macho went after Deadpool in order to be compensated for his lost wages but was defeated. He later tracked down Deadpool at the home of Reginald Harris who had faked his own death. After another fight with Deadpool, Macho was pushed into an escape pod and jettisoned into space,[2] while Wade took his space ship and replaced him at Funtzel, marrying Orksa.[1]

He stayed on earth, and contacted Blind Al, Sluggo, Taskmaster, Weasle, Big Bertha, and even Bob, who informed them all when Deadpool came back to earth and visited him.[3]

The whole band, including Al's dog Deuce, but not Bob, attacked him at the same time. Sluggo was killed in the battle, by a misdirected shot of Weasle, and Macho was retained in fight with Bob's mutated corn, but the others managed to kill Deadpool, for a time...[3]

He later appeared in an intergalactic, maximum security prison, sharing a cell with Rocket Raccoon, who turned himself in after being framed for murder. In exchange for helping him escape and promises of riches, Macho agreed to help Rocket hunt down whoever framed him. When the team found the true culprit, Macho ceased aiding Rocket when Blackjack agreed to pay Macho and his gang off to leave the two Halfworlders to fight among themselves.[4]



Skilled fighter, with guns and fire-weapons abilities.


Creating artist Sheldon Vella claims that his inspiration for Macho was "Boba Fett crossed with Tuco from GoodBadUgly". [1]

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