The Mad Doctor set up his operations in a castle outside of the European town of Carlburg. There, he began his ghastly experiments, using the local population as his guinea pigs. The superstitious townspeople began to believe that it was the work of vampires, little knowing the awful truth of the goings on in the castle.

When Thomas Halloway came to Carlberg, he heard the legends and scoff at their validity. That night upon hearing the screams of a young girl, Halloway -- in his identity of the Angel -- went to the castle and learned the truth. He witnessed as the Mad Doctor attempted his latest experiment: swapping the mind of a young girl with that of a powerful ape.

The Angel attacked, causing the ape to break free. As the Angel escaped with the Doctor's captive, the ape stumbled into machinery, causing it to explode and seemingly slaying the Mad Doctor and his minions.[1]


Was a scientific genius, all be it an insane one, he supposedly learned how to create a device to swap the minds of humans with that of large apes. The success of this invention remains unrevealed as the device was destroyed and the Mad Scientist slain.

Other Mind-Transfer Machines & Scientists: Franz Radzik,[1] Doctor Bradford,[2] Doctor Karl Stragg, Doctor Theron Atlanta, Machinesmith (Samuel Saxon), and Ameridroid(Lyle Dekker). Kronin Krask and Professor Power (Anthony Power) had scientists build their mind-transfer machines.

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