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Mad Dog Murdock without his mask

Mad Dog Murdock was an outlaw who was active in Texas during the days of the American Frontier. He holed up in the town of Leadville where he was fatally shot by the masked hero known as the Black Rider. His men were ordered by the hero to clear out of town or die and they took their dying leader with them. Instead of getting him to a doctor they dumped him near a mineral spring to die. Somehow the mineral salts brought him back from the brink of death and he was found by a Native American healer who treated his wounds.[1]

Laying low for a year, he returned to Leadville as the glowing Specter of Doom, frightening area ranchers in the hopes of scaring them into selling their land dirt cheap. The sightings of the Specter attracted the attention of the Black Rider who investigated the sightings at Devil's Creek. There he followed the Specter to a mine where he was meeting with his former gang to get them in on his latest scheme. The Black Rider busted in with guns blazing, killing Murdock's minions. Murdock tossed a bomb at the hero and fled deeper into the mine, down a shaft that was closed due to explosive gas being discovered. Seeing this the Black Rider fled the mine just moments before the bomb went off igniting the gas and causing a massive cave in that seemingly buried Murdock alive.[1]


Murdock used some kind of luminescent substance which he covered himself, his costume, and his horse with, making him glow in the dark and appear to be a specter.


Murdock rode a horse


Murdock carried six guns

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