This unnamed mad scientist was a Nazi operative that was active during World War II. By the summer of 1942, the mad scientist was hiding out in New Jersey where he created a new breed of octopi that he could grow to massive size. He first tested out the creatures by unleashing them on New York Harbor, and despite the fact the creatures were destroyed by the Air Force before they could do too much damage, the mad scientist considered his creation a complete success and began planning a larger scale attack on New York City.

By this time, his activities attracted the attention of the other-dimensional hero known as the Vision who came to the rescue of the people of New York City. After killing one of the massive octopus creatures, he lured the rest back to their master's hideout. The creatures attacked their master, squeezing him to death with their tentacles. While the creatures were distracted, the Vision knocked over a lantern causing a fire bright enough to allow the Air Force to pinpoint the creatures location and destroy them all in another bombing.[1]


The mad scientist was a genius in biological engineering and created a chemical that made his breed of octopus grow to massive size, giving them strength to crush ships and buildings with their tentacles.

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