The history of Madam Satan is unknown; she was the consort of a demon that called himself Satan, who ruled his own Hell Realm. This "Satan" often made pacts with the most ruthless conquerors in history. In the 20th Century, he made such a pact with Adolf Hitler prior to the outbreak of World War II. By the spring of 1943, "Satan" was unimpressed with Hitler's progress following losses on the Russian front and sent Madam Satan to replace Hitler with the more competent Attila the Hun. She also brought with her a special gas that turned humans into stone. This gas had one known weakness: When exposing a transformed victim to heat, they were restored to normal.

Hitler bowed to Madam Satan and allowed Attila to take command of the Nazis. However, this was short lived thanks to intervention from the Destroyer. Although the Destroyer was briefly turned into stone, he managed to restore himself to normal. During a battle with Attila the Hun, the Destroyer tossed the ancient conqueror into an open fire place, shunting him back to Hell. Outmatched against the hero, Madam Satan also fled back to her hell realm and has not been seen since.[2]


Madam Satan has mystical abilities the limit of which has not been explored. She has shown the ability to travel to and from the Hell Realm she resides by using fire as a portal.


Madam Satan briefly used a special canister that sprayed a gas that transformed living beings into stone. The effects of the gas could be reversed when those transformed into stone were exposed to heat.

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