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Madame Death was a crime boss who was active in the 1940s. In the year 1946 she was approached by the time travelling Future Man from the year One Million AD. Future Man sought to recruit her into his plan to conquer the Earth so that his people from the future could leave their dying world and live a new life in the 20th century. Offered the opportunity to rule and be rich, Madame Death agreed, pledging her entire criminal empire to this task. Their meeting was crashed by Captain America and Bucky, but they escaped thanks to Future Man.

Madame Death joined Future Man in travelling to the Swiss Alps where they took over a laboratory to create Green Plague bombs to wipe out Europe. However, their plans were foiled by Captain America and Bucky. But while Captain America and Bucky were fooled by Future Man's astral projection, Madame Death managed to slip away. She then brought Future Man's astral form to South America where her agents there built a slow motion ray to cause chaos in the region. They were stopped by the Whizzer who destroyed the device. Before he could capture Madame Death, Future Man used his mental powers to pull her to safety. Aboard a sub in the Pacific, Madame Death helped Future Man rescue a group of pirates being attacked by the Sub-Mariner and recruit them to their cause. However, the Sub-Mariner foiled their plot to detonate a tsunami creating torpedo and the pair fled in their submarine.

Future Man then began projecting Madame Death's astral image along with his for their next scheme which involved using a device to resurrect mummies in Egypt to invade Africa with an army of the death. This plan was foiled by Miss America who destroyed the device, but the evil pair managed to escape. They then caused a fire in Canada to distract the Human Torch and Toro distracting them from their real plan: setting North America on fire with an Atomic Match. This plot was also foiled as well.

When Future Man threatened to blow up the Earth, both he and Madame Death hid aboard their ship, but were attacked by the entire All-Winners Squad. There are two different accounts of their defeat. In the first, their ship was downed in the desert, and when Future Man attempted to return to the future, they were sent hurtling backward in time thanks to Captain America tampering with the time controls.[1][2] In the second account, Future Man's ship was over New York City, and it was sent hurtling back in time thanks to a misthrow of Captain America's shield striking the ships time controls.

Madame Death and Future Man found themselves hurtled one million years into the past. There, Future Man spent years repairing his time machine by cannibalizing parts of his other devices. During this time he and Madame Death fell in love. Future Man told Madame Death about the future, in particular the fact that Steve Rogers and James Barnes (the original Captain America and Bucky) were not dead, as it was believed in 1946. Future Man soon contracted an ancient illness and died on th day he finished repairing his time machine. Wanting revenge, Madame Death travelled back to the year 1946 and attacked the team using Future Man's devices to create simulacrums of zombified World War II soldiers, including "zombies" of the original Captain America and Bucky. She hoped to use these impostors to trick the new Captain America and Bucky into giving up their lives. However, the Human Torch realized the truth and exposed Madame Death. Before they could stop her she set her craft to detonate, but the heroes managed to get away from the blast. Madame Death was not so lucky, taking a fatal shrapnel wound to the stomach. She died believing that she and her beloved Future Man would be reunited for all time, and had succeeded in nothing more than destroying the headquarters of her hated enemies.[3].



Prior to being shunted back a million years into the past, Madame Death carried a pistol.


Later on in her career, Madame Death utilized a hover craft that was built by Future Man. The craft had time travel capabilities and could create simulacrums.

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