Ruler of Niffleheim, Madame Hel was a manifestation of death. She resented the immortal Aesir of Asgard, whom she believed shunned her due to their inability to taste death's kiss. Deciding to punish the Asgardians for their perceived hubris, Madame Hel formed an alliance with Malekith, ruler of Svartalfheim. She handed him over her Niffleheim-Ring to go with his Svartalfheim-Ring, prompting him to seek possession of the remaining eight of the Ten Realm-Rings, the powerful tokens of office wield by the rulers of each realm. Their alliance was joined by the resentful adopted son of Howard Odin, Stane Odinson, who gave Malekith the Midgard-Ring.[1]

After Malekith obtained all ten rings, he followed through with his end of the bargain with Stane, and tried to orchestrate the death of Howard's son Stark Odinson, who had been exiled to Midgard and turned mortal in the process. Stark survived the attempt on his life and became the armor-clad Iron Hammer, but in his direst hour he was besieged by a vision of Madame Hel promising that Stark would soon offer his heart to her. After Iron Hammer escaped captivity, Madame Hel promised to make him the first Aesir to taste death's kiss.[2]

Stark Odinson (Warp World) (Earth-616) and Madame Hel (Warp World) (Earth-616) from Infinity Wars Iron Hammer Vol 1 2 001

Iron Hammer bowing to Madame Hel

When Iron Hammer traveled to Asgard to confront Malekith, Madame Hel observed their battle from the sidelines, even refusing to let Stane intervene when Malekith fell for a trick that cost him his life at Iron Hammer's hand. Following Malekith's death, Madame Hel retreated. Stark followed Madame Hel and bowed to her, revealing that being stripped of his immortality allowed him to fully appreciate life, declaring that he no longer feared death if it was the price for such a life. Stark's words moved Madame Hel, and she took off her mask to share a passionate kiss with him.[1]


  • Niffleheim-Ring

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