Madame Joy was the keeper of a well-known brothel on Madripoor, who had ties with other criminal activities as well.[1]

She was acquainted with the criminal mercenary Crossbones, who was apparently a regular client. When Crossbones abducted the costumed mercenary Diamondback during the so called 'Bloodstone Hunt', he took her to Madame Joy's brothel where she could be kept prisoner. Although Diamondback was handcuffed to one of the beds, after Crossbones departed to face Captain America, she managed to pick the handcuff locks with one of Crossbones' crossbow bolts. When Madame Joy went to investigate, a still partially restrained Diamondback used her skill with thrown objects to impale the crossbow bolt in Madame Joy's stomach. Threatening to put pressure on the bolt, Diamondback made the madame free her and escaped the brothel past Madame Joy's knife-wielding girls. Madame Joy's musclebound henchman pursued Diamondback and battled her across the city before she defeated him by knocking him into a vat of melted plastic.[1]

Madame Joy's current activities are unknown.

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