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As a child, Madam Macabre was saved from a Rickshaw accident by the Mandarin. Because she had been carrying an abacus instead of a doll, the Mandarin decided that she should be schooled by him. He sent her to a Buddhist school, where she studied for years. [1]


She wanted to team up with Giant-Man, she planned to trick Giant-Man into revealing his size changing secret. When he refused, she trapped him, trying to force him to reveal the secrets of his powers. She was finally defeated by the combined powers of Giant-Man and the Wasp. [1]


Power Grid[2]
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  • Shrinking Device: Madame Macabre tried to trick Hank Pym that she could shrink and inanimate objects. But it was revealed that she could only shrink things created by Gogo made out of a special plastic.[1]

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