Madame Synn's past is unknown. She one day partnered with Dr. Leonard Mynde, a former weapons developed for the U.S. Military. Together with an army of soldiers, Mynde and Synn planned to steal an arsenal of weapons Mynde created that were hidden in the Pentagon and then use the weapons to take over the United States and then the world.[1]

To gain access to the Pentagon, Mynde and Synn tricked Rick Jones to take his Avengers Identicard. When Jones learned of their plan, Synn subdued him, amd Mynde forced Jones to cooperate by showing that he had taken hostage Rick's girlfriend Lou-Ann Savannah and her uncle Prof. Savannah. As Mynde and Synn attacked the Pentagon, Jones switched places with Captain Marvel. Mynde and Synn held off Marvel until Mynde accidentally killed Synn with one of his wrist blasters. Synn's death unexpectedly caused Mynde so much grief that he killed himself with his own blaster, ending their threat.[1]




Skilled fighter and has expertise in the use of weapons including guns and bolas




Guns, bolas

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