This impersonator of Madame Viper was a Skrull sent to infiltrate Hydra. When Viper was at Hydra Island reporting to Baron Strucker about a mission in Japan to make contact with the Yushida Clan, the Grim Riper delivered Hawkeye and Mockingbird as prisoners. Strucker intended to execute them both, but Viper convinced them to keep them captive.

A brawl broke out once Hawkeye and Mockingbird escaped, and the Avengers joined the fight. During the battle, Madame Viper subdued Mockingbird, but Hawkeye disarmed her with an arrow, allowing Mockingbird to get the upper hand. When the fighting wound down and Viper attempted to escape, Mockingbird pursued her.[1]

When Mockingbird knocked out Madame Viper, she reverted to her Skrull form, becoming the first indication of the looming Skrull invasion. Mockingbird only confided this information with Nick Fury, who would later show the body of the impostor Viper to Tony Stark.[2]

Powers and Abilities





Ray Gun


Skrull Ship, many Hydra vehicles.


She is the first Skrull to be revealed in the series.

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