Not much is known about the vampire named Madame la Morte. She and her army of undead goons lived in the Rosetti catacombs located in Europe. The tomb was explored in 1951 by Professor Ryder and his daughter Starr ,a friend of the Uranian hero Marvel Boy. Their exploration uncovered Madame la Mort and her followers. They captured Professor Starr and his fellow explorers, but Starr managed to escape. Starr then called on her friend Marvel Boy, who came to Europe to help Starr free her father.

The pair were captured and taken prisoner by la Morte's minions, but Marvel Boy used his light beams to destroy his captors. He prevented la Morte and her remaining ghouls from slaying the explorers, destroying the ghouls in the process. Madame la Morte then fled back to her tomb where Marvel Boy destroyed her with his light beam. He then sealed her tomb for good.[1]

Although many dead vampires have been resurrected in recent times, it does not appear that Madame la Morte has been brought back to life.


Madame la Morte's Minions (Earth-616) from Astonishing Vol 1 4

Madame la Morte's ghouls.

Although she did not display any abilities, Madame La Morte presumably has all the abilities common to other Vampires. At the very least she has displayed immortality as she has lived in the Rosetti catacombs for centuries.

She also appeared to have the ability to resurrect the dead into obedient ghouls. Unlike Zombies, these ghouls retained their full intelligence and the ability to speak.


Presumably, Madame la Morte has all the same weaknesses as other Vampires. It has been confirmed that she does have a weakness to sunlight as Marvel Boy's light beams (which simulate sunlight) were able to vanquish her.

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