The son of Maddoc I, King Maddoc II considered himself god of all the Earth. He used to perform a weekly ritual, the regular reinforcement of his carefully-protected illusion of godhood: the day all of El Shah Maddoc by law must observe their leader in action. When Conan presented himself to the king, telling him that only by honoring Conan, holder of the amulet, could he save his city from Imhotep, Maddoc II, advised by his prophetess, Swan, agreed, making Conan his new warlord after Conan rescued his father, Maddoc I, from the tower in which he had been long imprisoned.[1]

Seeing Conan as a rival, King Maddoc II sent him with untrained troops (prisoners released from the cells) to battle the savage M'Gai tribe.[2]

When Tetra killed his beloved Swan, Maddoc II submitted and became her slave.[3]

After a fierce duel, King Maddoc II was eventually slain in his castle by Conan.[4]

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