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Madeleine Michaels aka Nonstop is a member of the Nevada Initiative team, Heavy Hitters. Nonstop has the power of super-speed but so far the origin of her powers has not been revealed.

She was active during the Secret Invasion event and took fellow teammate Telemetry for medical aid after they battled another teammate who was revealed to be a Skrull.[2]

Commander Steve Rogers informs the hero Prodigy about the mysterious meteors that have fallen from the heavens and mass panic which it has created. Commander Rogers’s tries to get Prodigy to gather a group of young heroes but this time on a volunteer basis to help keep the peace. No hero is conscripted into joining.

Prodigy led the new team of the Initiative and most of the former Initiative members including Nonstop gather in Washington DC. Nonstop and her team the Heavy Hitters try to stop the Juggernaut in Las Vegas after he obtains a mystic hammer and is transformed into one of the Worthy called "Kuurth: Breaker of Stone". Nonstop led Kuurth into a crater created by Debrii but the Juggernaut reappeared a few moments later. The Heavy Hitters were forced to retreat when their leader, Hardball generated a powerful energy ball and appeared to sacrifice himself in a final attempt to stop Kuurth. Kuurth was unharmed and continues to march on unaffected.[3]



Super-speed; Wind generation

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