Presumably, before the zombie outbreak, the life of Madeline Joyce was similar to that of her Earth-616 counterpart. After the zombie outbreak, however, Miss America became the leader of the Suffragists, the last remaining resistance to the Nazi zombie regime on Earth-12591. At some point Miss America acquired Captain America's Shield, stating that she picked it up after Captain America fell because it meant something and was worth fighting for. The Suffragists rescued the Ducky Dozen of Earth-616 from the zombified members of the Invaders, with Miss America cutting the Sub-Mariner in two with Captain America's Shield. The Dozen had travelled to their world to stop the Nazi zombies from spreading their infection all over the Multiverse. To this end, the Suffragists took the Dozen back to their headquarters where they were introduced to Zephyr Zog, a Nazi scientist who wished to stop the zombie infection from spreading any further. The Suffragists accompanied Zog and the Dozen on their mission to wipe out the zombie threat.

Later, Miss America, Dum Dum Dugan and Loki infiltrated a secret repository of super-weapons that the Nazis had acquired while taking over the world. Miss America located an atomic missile called Fat Boy which she launched at the Nazis headquarters in the hopes of wiping out the zombie threat on her world. Bucky tried to stop her however, but she smashed his face into the missile's controls, preventing him from remotely disengaging the bomb. He then managed to jump onto the missile before it launched, hoping to manually send it off-target. Miss America followed him onto the rocket and managed to rip off the arm that he was using to hold on, sending him plummeting to his death. Miss America then selflessly resigned herself to her fate, riding the rocket as it plummeted into the Nazi zombie headquarters, eradicating the zombie threat once and for all.[1]


Seemingly those of the Madeline Joyce of Earth-616.


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